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Top 4 Places in the U.S. For Honest Banking

Honesty is a great characteristic to have especially in the financial industry. Banks that are upfront with their customers about policies and fees usually have a better reputation and in turn keep more customers. Those are the type of banks you can feel good about giving your hard earned money to.  On the other hand

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Being Tech-Savvy Pays When Choosing A Bank

No one likes getting hit with unwanted bank fees, and now those consumers armed with a smart phone are hitting back.  A recent survey by SNL Financial found that tech-savvy consumers aged 18-35 changed their primary bank account at a rate of 17.5% over the previous 12 months. This was much higher than older consumers [...]
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The Largest U.S. Cities With the Lowest Bank Fees

America's largest cities can be expensive places to live, but we found which ones are also expensive cities for consumers to conduct their banking.  There are thousands of banks in cities across the United States, but we wanted to show you which ones have the lowest checking account fees. Only 1 out of every 2 U.S. [...]
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Switching Banks is Easier Now Than Ever Before

Switching banks can seem like a hassle but it could be well worth it to your wallet.  SNL Financial surveyed about 5000 mobile banking consumers in 2015, and found the top reason why someone switched banks in the last year was due to higher fees.  Over 30% of the 500 consumers that decided to switch [...]