See New Account Growth With The Right Message

As a local financial institution in an increasingly competitive industry how are you growing new account relationships?  Mega sized financial institutions continue to show a lack of appreciation for their customers through unfair behavior and sneaky sales tactics.  You should be taking advantage of the opportunity to send a different message. Less than 25% of

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How to Avoid a Costly Checking Account

About half of all banks in the U.S. arrange checking account transactions to raise the total amount of an overdraft fee.  Knowledge of this unfair practice made by banks has come under heavy criticism, but may not change anytime soon. Sometimes the only thing a consumer can do to avoid unfair fee practices is change

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What to Consider Before Joining a Credit Union

You may have noticed that the financial industry is rapidly changing.  Technology has probably had a big impact on how you manage your money.  Don’t let technology alone determine where you choose to keep your money. Joining your local credit union can provide a number of important benefits including lower cost of fees.  A recent

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Three Ways to Fight Off Unwanted Fees

Dealing with unwanted fees has become part of everyday life.  That’s because applying extra charges is second nature for businesses that provide essential services.  We are paying for airline fees, credit card fees, mobile data fees, cable fees, and of course checking fees that add up to billions of dollars every year. How do you

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