How to choose a better bank account for your money

It’s that time of year again when creating a “wish list” for someone else is a common practice. Have you considered a wish list for yourself that doesn’t include spending anything? Your money was “nice” to you all year long, so make sure it gets the best gift. A better bank account. There are numerous

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3 easy ways to avoid costly bank charges

Being nickeled and dimed with incidental charges by your bank can be frustrating. In addition to those small fees being hit with high overdraft fees is even worse. According to Business Insider small fees and overdraft charges are 2 of the top 5 things causing customers to switch banks in the U.S. Stay on top

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3 ways to save on your summer getaway

Are you getting ready for a summer getaway that you saved all year for? It’s important to make your vacation budget last, so you can do it again next year. Spending too much money on vacation is easy. Stretch your dollar on this summer’s recess on these 3 essential things. Getting Around Town With the

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Why switching banks may actually make sense

Are you looking for a new checking account, and feeling overwhelmed by all of the options? It’s safe to say you’re not alone. There are more account providers today than ever before. For example T-Mobile now offers a bank account. There are rumors that Amazon will be the next major brand to offer its own

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How to avoid the rising cost of traditional Checking

There are few things more annoying than paying a monthly fee just to have a checking account. Unfortunately in 2019 monthly fees have increased yet again, which is continuing an upward trend according to MoneyRates latest survey. All types of checking account fees should try to be dodged, but monthly service fees are crucial to

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