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How paying for fees now effects your savings later

Some of the largest and most used banks in the United States continue to use confusing terms, lengthy disclosures, and even fraud to collect fees. Recent tactics like those of Wells Fargo opening accounts without their customer’s consent adds fuel to the fire that burns for the hatred of fees. A recent study from NerdWallet found just how much consumers underestimate

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The True Cost of Choosing a Mega Bank

It’s no secret that most banks collect fees for their services as a form of income.  As interest rates remain low the cost of account fees has a real impact on your ability to save.  If you’re looking for a new checking account make sure cost of fees is a high priority. Thanks to technology

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What Financial Health Means To Me

Growing up I was fortunate enough to have hardworking parents that showed me the importance of being financially fit.  The most important thing they taught me was how to avoid credit card debt.  I learned to never spend money with a credit card that couldn’t be paid back at the end of the month. Their

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See New Account Growth With The Right Message

As a local financial institution in an increasingly competitive industry how are you growing new account relationships?  Mega sized financial institutions continue to show a lack of appreciation for their customers through unfair behavior and sneaky sales tactics.  You should be taking advantage of the opportunity to send a different message. Less than 25% of

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How to Avoid a Costly Checking Account

About half of all banks in the U.S. arrange checking account transactions to raise the total amount of an overdraft fee.  Knowledge of this unfair practice made by banks has come under heavy criticism, but may not change anytime soon. Sometimes the only thing a consumer can do to avoid unfair fee practices is change

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