3 ways to save on your summer getaway



3 ways to save on your summer getaway

Are you getting ready for a summer getaway that you saved all year for? It’s important to make your vacation budget last, so you can do it again next year.

Spending too much money on vacation is easy. Stretch your dollar on this summer’s recess on these 3 essential things.

Getting Around Town

With the creation of rideshare networks like Lyft getting around in a new town is easier than ever before. Why rent a car and pay for gas if you don’t have to. Using the carpool option on a rideshare service can save you between 20-40% per ride.

Don’t forget about public transportation. Consider using either buses or trains if you are visiting a larger city. It’s a great way to get the true feel for the people that make it up.

Another good option is renting a bike. It’s a very effective way to save on transportation costs while getting a workout at the same time. Consider renting a bike for your entire visit to see significant savings.

Edibles and Spirits

Dining out for every meal while on vacation can add up fast. Consider making one meal a day to help cut down on your food costs.

Check out the local grocery store once you reach your destination, and pick up some essential food items for breakfast and lunch.  

The same goes for drinking. Restaurants charge high markup costs for alcoholic beverages. Visit a local liquor store, and purchase some spirits you can enjoy without going broke.

Lastly check out local markets and food trucks at your destination. The quality of food you can get based on the price may surprise you.   

Entertainment Options

Enjoying yourself while on vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. There are countless online resources like Groupon that offer local discounts and great deals on entertainment.

For affordable live music and good nightlife spots don’t be afraid to ask the locals for their advice.

There are many ways to save money while enjoying a summer getaway. By having a mindset for saving during your vacation, will help make your next vacation that much better.

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